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Soul. Heart. Pure.

“Pure instrumental music creates its own text.”

 Friedrich Schlegel

I never force myself to write music. When I'm writing I always let it come from the soul. I would rather record and perform music that is distinctlivly my style, and original, rather than imitate someone else's work .

I have developed my own music over the period of my life, and it has unique attributes. One of these would be the use of guitar chord forms that no one else has ever come up with. The chord progressions are also exclusive at times, and my harmonies & melodies are new and different for the most part. Probably the most obvious & personal part of my writing style would be the modulations from key to key. Reviewers of my classical works have referred to these as "natural" and "unique", (although some similarities can be found, such as in my B-flat String Quartet, where in the opening movement there is a modulation up a minor second to the key of "B", & it has been pointed out that Beethoven employed the ascending minor 2nd modulation more than once), these key changes have also been called "effortless", which I appreciate since they are written without any attempt at gratuitous virtuosity, which I am against. I was asked once how I would descrbe my guitar tone in one word, and my answer was "pure". I would also hope that when all is said and done, that word would apply to my compositions as well.

I like to use "the principle of the dropped hint", (see Einstein's treatise on Mozart), and you will hopefully notice references between the music and the lyrical content. 

There are references between the works themselves as well. I am blessed to be able to begin bringing my serious works to fruition, finally hearing what was written on tear stained manuscripts, a lifetime of work from a head over heels composer. Glory to God in the perfect name of Jesus!

Here is a partial list of my compostions;

Over 1000 songs
3 Symphonies
2 String Quartets
2 Operas
Pirate Music Suite For Strings
Guitar Quintet
Art Song For Tenor, Soprano, & String Quartet
Cassation for Strings
Piano Quartet
Ezekiel Oratorio
Violin Concerto 
Suite For Cello
Rhapsody For Viola
Sonata For Violin
Caprice For Violin And Guitar
Guitar Sonata
Suite For Guitar
Sonata For Flute And Guitar

+ many more!

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