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When I saw Dick Dale in the movie "Beach Party", I knew that I wanted to be a guitar player! At first, my parents had signed me up for lessons with a teacher. I remember his name, Mr. Pugh, 'cause it was a funny name. But he also wanted to teach me how to sing. I told him that I already knew how to sing! So I never went to take a lesson. Instead, I taught myself. and I made a decision to learn everything that could be played on the guitar. Every chord. Every Style. 

So I started buying all of the books, sheet music, (I taught myself how to read music), textbooks on Music Theory, scores, parts, etc,etc. And I learned off all the records I bought. My older Brother had all the Beatles records, and Led Zeppelin, etc. & I learned all the rock guitar off of them. My uncles & cousins had all the Country/Western records, and I taught myself all of those guitar parts. I also learned Bossa Nova from My Dads records, (Antonio- Carlos Jobim, etc). He also had all of the big band/swing records and Jazz records as well as dixieland, and I would accompany him, (he was a trumpet player), so of course I became well schooled in all those styles too.

Next, I taught myself classical guitar and flamenco. I would play every scale in every position up & down the guitar for hours. I began composing music for the solo classic guitar, and I wrote my first Symphony at an early age. But my first song was a Surf song of course! I wrote it with my older Brother who was also learning the guitar. I was happy just to be able to play "Pipeline" and "Wipeout" back then. After a while, my older Brother switched to playing the drums. He saw how fast I was progressing on the guitar. (laughs)

I came across other people trying to learn guitar of course, and I always ended up showing them techniques. Like when someone wanted to know a certain riff that Jimmy Bryant had played in "Pickin' Peppers", or how Merle Travis picked this or that. It's funny when you run across someone who has learned something in their own way, like a weird way to play "Hot For Teacher". I always try to share my approach to playing guitar with people who are eager to learn.

My first amp was a "007" amp I got from Gibsons Department Store in Garland, Texas. My first electric guitar was a 3 pick up Teisco. But after going through just about every type of guitar & amp I have now had my Lake placid blue" Fender Jaguar since 1982. My main amp is a silver tone. The classic guitar I've been using is a cheap one I got at Zodys' in 1977 for $15.

I taught myself to play all the other instruments besides guitar, like mandolin, piano, violin, harmonica, etc. I've been lucky enough to have a Family that has encouraged me to develop my talent, and I appreciate their love & support. Without them, I would never be in the position I am today, with the ability to write and record my music.




I was given the tag of being a world class guitarist by a kind reviewer, and I guess you earn that title by things like mastering all of Bach's Lute suites, which I have spent the last quarter of a century accomplishing. Party on!

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