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"Yo Ho! Daddy-O!"

With the state of instrumental Rock’n’Roll being stagnant and stale,
I decided to do something about it. Thus was born Pirate Music!
Often imitated, but never equaled, Pirate Music, (not “pirate rock”
-as squares have referred to it), was briefly showcased at a few small venues. And then, charlatans arose, with lame attempts to steal
the idea of creating a new style of music.
‘This rock’, or ‘that rock’ popped up from non-creative “minds” who
could never think of their own ideas. Sadly, there was nothing new
about their generic sludge. Just the same old AC/DC muddy guitar
sound with asinine lyrics & dorky outfits.
But Pirate Music 'rocks on' with new chords, new melodies, and new
forms of composition!
Based on the romantic idea of “Program Music”, Pirate Music has all
of its titles based on actual events in the history of piracy!
With song titles like“Blackbeards 14 Teenage Wives”, & “The Blockade Of Charleston”, Pirate music is dramatically affecting as well as being historically accurate. There are fast rocking numbers, (“The Pirates Of Barataria”), & slow romantic ballads, (“Blood In The Moonlight”).

Although meant to be performed with just guitar & drums, I have composed a medley of my favorite Pirate Music songs, & scored it for string orchestra. This work includes several new and original playing techniques for each of the String instruments, as is proper for an orchestral rendition of a new style of music that is revolutionary, such as Pirate Music!!!



they cut off Blackbeards head!

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