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"All of my music is one composition that will never be finished."

"Master of Merseybeat"


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"World Class Guitarist/Composer/Vocalist... Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, and raised in Texas and Southern California, from an early age Frank was immersed in a variety of musical styles. His father worked in the big band/swing genre as a trumpet player, while his mother, devoted to classical music, introduced him to the works of Tchaikovsky and Borodin even before he was old enough for school. In fact, Frank's house was filled with records, from all of the major classical composers to every Frank Sinatra record. By the time he was three years old he had memorized and could sing all of Sinatra's songs, often serenading the ice cream man for free ice cream! (Already a professional!) Named after Frank Sinatra and born on Elvis Presley's birthday, there was no doubt Frank was destined to become a musician. He is also a distant relation to Buddy Holly. Music is in his blood and in particular, Rock n roll!!! Leading the way in every style of Guitar, Sprague is the consummate guitarist. He has amazed audiences worldwide with his flawless technique and mastery, always innovating, and breaking ground as THE cutting edge guitarist who is admired by musicians that recognize his "playing from the soul" and his unsurpassed lead guitar techniques. A guitar hero for the ages, (once called "the hero of guitar hero's"), Frank is also blessed with an ability to sing with the same passion with which he performs on the guitar. His compositions include over 1000 works, many for guitar. Frank is comfortable composing for chamber music, (String Quartets, etc), solo instruments, and all the orchestral combinations. His prolific catalog includes his latest work “Concerto for Violin with Orchestra”, 2 String Quartets, 3 Symphonies, 2 Operas, Guitar Quintet, amongst many others. He is also a well known writer of pop songs which have gained him respect from writers such as Dave Marsh and others. Frank has received rave reviews in Playboy, Rolling Stone, & been featured on many radio and television programs. His new albums are all original and earned him the title 'Master of Merseybeat'!
" These include "Merseybeat" (2004), "Cavern" (2005), and the 2006 release "Merry Merseybeat Christmas". All are groundbreaking works of New Harmony and melody, as well as a faithful tribute to the beat groups that gave Merseybeat its name." Art Fein 2008

"The unquestioningly fabbest of them all" --Gary "Pig" Gold, Ear Candy Magazine

"Pure rock guitar...a guitar wizard in his own right!" --Richard Banks, Christmas

"In an extremely impressive feat of inspiration and musicianship, Frank Lee Sprague produces songs that are both original and authentic." --Gary Glauber,

"It's rare these days for an album to work on multiple emotional levels, but Sprague makes it happen." --Alan Haber , Buhdge Magazine

Everything on this sounds like its a cover but its not, it's in the style of. Get this record. --Pauly Popex,

"What's most impressive is that the songs are self-penned, and would make even the likes of Lennon/McCartney proud." Mish Mash Music reviews

"Frank Lee Sprague is helping keep the spirit of the MerseyBeat alive and very thriving here in Century 21!" Gary 'Pig' Gold, Lost in the Grooves

"What really stands out for me are the voices though. Great harmonies on great original melodies, with the kind of clear vocal style that reminds me of Bobby Fuller. Very memorable tunes". Anthony Mason, CBS news

"The best song is Battle Of The Bands, (written by Frank Sprague) about the teen combo showdown of your dreams--or nightmares". Dave Marsh, PLAYBOY Magazine

Frank Lee Sprague

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