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"Once you hear it, you won't forget it"

With the release of his LP Merseybeat, Frank Lee Sprague has achieved his goal of contributing something fresh and invigorating to rock ‘n’ roll.


          Wichita Falls Records is thrilled to be a part of this landmark album, and we have already received an astonishing level of positive feedback from highly esteemed critics and fans around the world.


          Providing an added bonus to this already essential record are guest appearances from two of rock ‘n’ roll’s most treasured representatives. In 1979 Doug Fieger made history with his #1 hit “My Sharona” and #1 debut album, Get the Knack, when he infused the tired music industry with a sound both exciting and pure fun.  His backing vocals lend an uncanny, beautiful quality to Frank’s sublime ballad, “Can’t Stay”, track 6 on Merseybeat.


          For seven decades, rhythm and blues legend, Big Jay McNeely has treated fans to the honking and squealing of his tenor saxophone.  Now, along with Frank Lee Sprague, he has recorded the soon-to-be classic “Our Love Is Real”, featured at track 13 as the encore to Frank’s new record.


          Two more bonus tracks follow Big Jay’s mind-blowing performance.  Known for his ingenious new arrangements of cover songs, Frank transforms “Her Diamond Ring” into a Merseybeat nugget that would have fitted perfectly on Meet the Beatles.


          The final bonus track pays double tribute to the Beatles and one of their favorite artists, Little Richard.  Frank reworks Richard’s “She’s Got It” into a Paul McCartney style rocker a la “Long Tall Sally”.


          Throughout Merseybeat you’re sure to find your own personal favorites, so get the record spinnin’ and enjoy Wichita Falls’ newest contribution to rock ‘n’ roll!

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Photo's from the Merseybeat sessions

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