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"Music has always been the least important thing in life, and the most important thing in people’s lives.”--Frank Lee Sprague, Buhdge Magazine - July 2009

As we venture into the 3rd Millennium, Rock'n'Roll continues to be the only new style of music to grow and remain fresh. And in that spirit of Rock'n'Roll I am continuing to record & perform my own original compositions. I will also be furthering my work in "classical" composing, and I will be completing a series of recordings of my own original new style of music; "Pirate Music". 

The once “modern” techniques of composition (aleatoric, atonal, 12 tone, etc), falsely so called, sometimes employing the addition of a tape machine, electronic media, etc, are now old and belong to the category of abstract works. They could also be placed under the title of experimental.

It seems that when some reviewers whose ears are accustomed to the tired, trite, unmusical and unoriginal non-melodic fare offered in the last century hear anything with a real theme structure that introduces actual melody and development, and brings pleasure and enlightenment to a listener, they are offended and threatened.

I am a Christian composer whose talent comes from God. I compose for the Glory of God in Jesus’ name. I write new and original melodies and harmonies in my serious compositions that have been recognized by true music lovers as beautiful and unique.

As for today's critics of “classical” music who profess to have an ability to advise the public as to the worthiness or originality of a new work; I refer them to the quote from Stokowsky at the bottom of this page.

Although my past accomplishments include favorable reviews in all the major media, (Playboy, Rolling Stone, New Yorker, Washington Post, etc.), appearances on Nationwide Television, (CBS), tours of the USA & the World, features on NPR programs, ("All Things Considered", etc.),  ample airplay on a variety of radio stations in all the major formats and markets, I am now recording the music that I hope will break on the radio with an impact that will achieve the number on the charts that will bring an even higher recognition to my work. I have over 1000 songs to record so it's hard to choose what to release first. I'll also be releasing albums for collectors in the meantime so check my store page on this website often. Party on!

"Master of Merseybeat!"

"Musically, there is no one like Frank. He's a guy who can play, sing, and write any kind of music. He writes picture perfect Merseybeat, surf, rockabilly, garage, pop, & any other type of rock you wanna hear. Frank can do anything!"
2008, Darrell Anderson, Promotion/Publicity/Marketing, Hightone Records 

"Frank Lee Sprague, King of the Guitar; the mastery of
Frank's nimble fingers play the fretboard like a concert
grand piano. If Steinway made a guitar, it would sound like
Frank was playing it, for sure. The guitar is Frank's
open-ended canvas, on which he can paint any musical
picture. For proof, seek out one of this modern musical
master's classical recordings.
The 'Axe Man Who Cometh', the 'Gee-tar Guru', the
aforementioned 'King of Guitar'. There is simply no one like
Frank Lee Sprague!"
Alan Haber, Buhdge Magazine, Feb 2008

"Pure rock guitar...a guitar wizard in his own right!"
Richard Banks, Christmas, Dec 2007

"The unquestioningly fabbest of them all"

Gary "Pig" Gold, Ear Candy Magazine, May 2007

"Frank makes great music and is a talented musician
and all-around good guy. His LP's are really kickin'.
All of you should hear his stuff; it's great!"
Steve Hoffman, April 2006

"In an extremely impressive feat of inspiration and musicianship, Frank Lee Sprague produces a set of songs that are both original and true to the spirit of an era." Gary Glauber,, March 2005

….”Because he is extremely original,

and to understand originality, the understanding person

has to have originality himself, and as this is a rare matter

of the mind, (this originality), he has suffered like every

person in the realm of science and philosophy.

They have all suffered the difficulty that they are not

understood naturally by persons who are less original than

they are.


That is the price the human mind pays for being original,

for being creative, for producing something which is quite

different from every thing which has been known in that

country before him.”


Leopold Stokowsky

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